Vulnerability assessment for
your assets

Ensure the security of your valuable assets by providing them with the protection they deserve through a comprehensive vulnerability assessment that delivers significant benefits and returns on investment.

Modern system needs modern security

All IT assets, including those hosted in the cloud or on-premises, hold the potential to be vulnerable. Due to their dynamic nature, easy accessibility, and frequent storage of sensitive data, traditional security assessments that rely heavily on consulting may not suffice. BugXploit vulnerability assessment offers an alternative solution. By conducting scalable, customizable, and impactful tests, it empowers you to enhance your security stance. With a comprehensive vulnerability assessment report, you can access prioritized results and monitor tester progress round the clock, bolstering your defense against potential attack vectors.

Identify and fix common issue faster

Uncover concealed vulnerabilities that require human interaction, such as business logic flaws, identity management bypasses, and misconfigurations.

Place your trust in security best standards

Our methodology adheres to widely recognized testing standards like OWASP, The Web Application Hacker Handbook, and SANS Top 25.

Effortlessly handle complex applications with ease.

Thoroughly test complex applications and their features, including payment processing, purchasing, file uploads, and intricate user workflows.

Use the right pentesters and tools tailored to the specific task at hand 

We utilize a combination of human-driven testing performed by a professional team, state-of-the-art vulnerability scanners, and customized tools to deliver the impactful results you desire.