Know every point of your Attack Surface

Discover, document, and evaluate the risk associated with overlooked and unauthorized applications, exposed devices, and other concealed assets throughout your attack surface.

Discover . Prioritize . Respond .

BugXploit introduces a groundbreaking approach to attack surface management (ASM) by integrating the expertise of security professionals, cutting-edge technology, and comprehensive data. Our solution empowers you to unveil concealed or neglected assets through Asset Inventory, while effectively assigning and prioritizing risk through Asset Risk assessment. Offering the most comprehensive evaluation of attack surface risks in the market, BugXploit ASM surpasses other solutions by enabling you to inventory, comprehend, and accurately assess risk for all your digital assets.

See and manage everything,

Effectively catalogue and oversee assets, while uncovering concealed ones that may go undetected by scanners, employing the same approach as a potential attacker.

Assign and prioritize risk

The BugXploit security team evaluates asset risk by utilizing a comprehensive set of security expertise, allowing for accurate ranking and assessment.

Analyze and report

Thoroughly examine the outcomes and compile them together with actionable recommendations for executive review.

Shift to remediation

Seamlessly integrate identified vulnerabilities into vulnerability assessment or penetration testing solutions for effective remediation.