Banks in Eastern Europe were attacked using the Darkvishnya technique

The analysts of Kaspersky Lab told about the attacks on the banks, which received the name Darkvishnya. Researchers write that in 2017-2018 years they were invited to study several cyberrobberies, united by “common denominator”. ¬†Each time the starting point of these attacks was an unknown device directly connected to the company’s local network. In some […]

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Vulnerability in PolicyKit allows you to execute any command on Linux systems

In the software platform for managing administrative policies and PolicyKit privileges, an authentication bypass vulnerability has been detected that allows a low-privileged user to successfully execute any SYSTEMCTL command on Linux systems with UID value greater than 2147483647. The vulnerability that received the CVE-2018-19788 ID affects the version of PolicyKit (Polkit) 0115 that is preinstalled […]

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On Friday, December 7, the website was subjected to cyber attacks. The attackers hacked into the domain, leaving the message “G3T 0WNED L1NUX N3RDZ” along with curses and indecent images. Site Administrator Mike Macclagan (Mike McLagan) immediately reported what happened on the Raddit forum. According to him, the attackers managed to hack the account […]

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Scammers use Facebook and Google to spread malware

Attackers use sites with user-generated content to distribute malware that is issued for pirated games or programs. The problem affects a number of different platforms, but most of all-groups in Facebook and Google. According to the source of the portal Torrent Freak, such spam appeared on,,,,,,,,, […]

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